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Available as of December 2019

You can download Immediately after transaction and verification of payment. (generallyverification takes approximately 30 seconds)

Download immediato dopo la transazione e verifica di buon fine

del tuo pagamento. (generalmente, il tempo impiegato

per la verifica è di 30 secondi)


MP3 48KHz – 256 Kbit (HQ Mp3)

WAV 44.1 KHz – 16 bit ( Normal CD Audio Quality)

WAV 48 KHz – 24 bit (HQ Audio Pro)

WAV 96 KHz – 32 bit (HQ Audio Pro)


Produced by Rafael Eduardo Continanza

for Aluen Records, London, U.K.

Recorded, Mixed & Mastering:

at ALUEN STUDIOS, London, U.K.

Sound Engineer: Rafael E. Continanza


Video Synchronization:

at ALUEN STUDIOS, Roma Italy U.E.

Aluen Publishers, London, U.K.


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